Transparent pricing & simple fees

Financial Plan Design + Ongoing Support

Flat retainer fee, billed monthly

This ensures a professional, unbiased financial planning experience and ongoing plan monitoring.

$299-795 /month

Based on complexity

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Unbiased advice

Ongoing plan monitoring

Unlimited support

Quarterly check-ins

Investment Management

Applies only to investments managed on a discretionary
basis by IWM. Billed quarterly (.20%) in advance.

0.80% annual fee
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Custom investment portfolios

Done-for-you management

Performance updates

Annual reviews

Insurance Commissions

Certain insurance products may pay a commission which will be disclosed. Only recommended if it is in your best interest as part of the plan in Step 1.

Cost varies by policy
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Several types of insurance available

Fiduciary recommendations

In-house implementation

Full cost transparency

"Person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients' interest ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust."

Would you trust your doctor's diagnosis if you didn't have to pay him? What if instead of you paying him, he was paid by the pharmaceutical company when he prescribed you medication? Do you think he might prescribe more medication than he may have to? Sounds good right? ABSOLUTELY NOT!​

Unfortunately, this happens all of the time in the "financial planning" world. You engage someone who puts a beautiful looking plan in place for free. Except for the fact that they steer you into a certain investment or product because they have to in order to get paid. How can you be sure that you really needed what they recommended? It sounds a lot like being paid by the pharmaceutical company.

Step one of being a fiduciary is transparency.

At Ironclad Wealth Management, we take that seriously and that's why you see pricing directly at the top of this page.

How to Become an Ironclad Client
Step 1) Intro Call
A quick call to learn more about your situation and determine if I'm the right advisor for you
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Step 2) Strategy Session
An in depth call to review your values, goals, and what steps we can take to move you closer to them. No commitment on this call.
Step 3) FIT Call
After taking some time to think about it, we can decide if we’d both like to move forward with the financial planning relationship.
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