A chart illustrating the value of tax planning. With proper tax planning, you can come out ahead, even with an advisor fee!
Graphic illustrated compares two possible scenarios. Both scenarios assume a 7% investment return. The Non Tax Planning Scenario reflects $50,000 in annual savings and no advisor cost. The Tax planning scenario reflects $50,000 in contributions, a 1% advisor fee, and $12,500 in annual tax savings invested into the portfolio. Even with the advisor fee, you can come out ahead!
How Valuable is Tax Planning?
Here’s a comparison of what tax planning could do for you.
Understanding the Value of Tax Planning

The value of tax planning is that it puts more dollars in your pocket to save towards your goals. Rather than pursuing the uncertainty of beating the market year over year, we believe that our efforts are best directed towards saving money on taxes. Our goal is to deliver more in tax savings than we cost for each and every client.

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